The Innovation in Design portion of the LEED rating system is to provide the project team an opportunity to earn points for either exceptional performance or for innovatiove perofrmance.

A LEED team can earn extra points for exceptional performance for achieving above the requirements set by the LEED rating system.

Innovative performance is achieved when the project team demonstrates creativity in green building standards and performance not addressed in the LEED rating system.

The Drury Inn & Suites Flagstaff project was able to obtain 2 Innovation in Design Points for innovative performance through the use of a Green Elevator and through a green education program.


The Green Elevator is a Kone EcoSpace that consums half of the energy of most traction elevators and 1/3 of the energy of hydraulic machines.  The Green Elevators also eliminate the use of oil for elevator opeartions that removes soil contamination and potential fires from hydraulic systems.



The second innovative performance point was earned through the use of green education.  Educational brochures outlining all of the energy efficient strategies were designed to be read by all hotel guests and visitors. 

The Drury Inn & Suites Flagstaff project was able to obtain 2 Innovation in Design Points for examplaryperformance through the use of a water use reduction and innovative wastewater technologies.

The Drury Inn & Suites utilized strategies that in aggregate use 40% less water than the water use baseline calculated for the building by incorporating water closets and urinals that utilize grey water for flushing.  The water closets are dual-flush with 1.6 gpf for a full flush and .8 gpf for a low flush.  The showerheads contain integral flow restriction for a 1.8 gpm flow rate. 


The second examplary performance point was earned by demonstrating that the hotel had a 100% reduction in potable water use for sewage conveyance.  All of the water closets and urinals in the public areas and the guest rooms utilize graywater in lieu of potable water.  The graywater is supplied to the restrooms through a separate graywater piping system.  In addition, all of the water closets are of the low-flow, dual-flush design.

The graywater for sanitary sewage conveyance is supplied from a citywide reclaimed system by the City of Flagstaff to Northern Arizona University.  In turn, the reclaimed water is supplied to the Drury Hotel by the University.  Graywater supply to the hotel by the University is continuous and there is a 500 gallon graywater holding tank located at the hotel.

This system totally eliminates the use of potable water for sanitary sewage conveyance.